If you are asked ‘why live at Summerfield’ at historic Braidwood the answer is easy – it meets all 5 Key Considerations and 5 Powers Ways for over 55’s living. As we get older and selecting a place to live the golden years, there are 5 Key Considerations which are important to evaluate.

  • How is our Health and what services are we likely to require?
  • Where is our family located and how close to them do we need to be?
  • What environment makes us happy and content? City – Country – Town?
  • What are the community facilities for us and how is the community spirit?
  • What finances do we have?

These are vital to consider in conjunction with the 5 Power Ways for a healthy retirement.

  • The Power of Belief in the Golden years – believing in a positive and happy retirement.
  • The Power of World Views – remaining positive that the world has a lot to offer and you are an active part of it.
  • The Power of Exercise – embracing daily lifestyle habits, hobbies and activities that promote physical activity.
  • The Power of Socialising – actively engaging in social groups and activities.
  • The Power of Driving – being mobile to enjoy the wider world.

At Summerfield we understand the 5 Key Considerations well. Summerfield is in a lovely country environment right next to the hospital which is just undergoing a multi million dollar upgrade. From a health perspective Summerfield has excellent health services and of course it is still only one hour to Canberra.
Being between Batemans Bay and Canberra, with Goulburn just to the north and Sydney just over three hours away, family can be close while enjoying all the benefits Summerfield has to offer. With a club house view that is considered the best in Australia and the array of community activities in the town, the residents at Summerfield will enjoy a rich and vibrant community lifestyle.

Finally, finances are always integral to consider. Summerfield offers extraordinary value for money, and being freehold title tenure security and freedom to sell when you wish with no exit fees. All in all Summerfield has it all – health, value, community, location and environment – visit us today.